• Summary

    Parsons Sun, June 16, 1992

    Prosecutor to face charge for damage

    Written by Ray Nolting

    a) Sutton, then serving as Assistant Labette County Prosecutor under County Attorney James Craig, was arrested in Noel, Missouri, for allegedly throwing individual through glass window at tavern June14, 1992.

    b) When asked about incident, Sutton denied being arrested.

    c) In August 1991, Sutton was charged in Columbus municipal court with fighting; charge was eventually dismissed.

    d) In 1992, a Columbus man who appeared in Labette County District Court for plea arrangement on arson case alleged that Sutton beat him up at cabin party the previous year.

    e) Labette County Attorney James Craig indicated Sutton’s contract would not be renewed; last day would be June 30, 1992.

    f) James Craig did not allow Sutton to prosecute cases in District Judge Daniel Brewster’s courtroom due to Sutton’s conduct during previous hearing in April; Judge Brewster accused Sutton of unprofessional and possibly unethical conduct.

    g) Sutton allegedly submitted $500 voucher to Labette County Commissioners for oral arguments he claimed he made before Kansas Court of Appeals. Voucher denied by Edward Dosh, sitting in for County Counselor Fred Johnson, after Dosh noted appeals court did not hear oral arguments in the case.


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