• Affidavit of Keen A. Umbehr from February 10, 1997

    On February 10, 1997 at approximately 2:30 p.m. I, Keen A. Umbehr, appeared before the Wabaunsee County commission. Commissioner Winkler asked me if I had business to discuss with the commission. I said yes I did. I then asked the commission if they would be willing to print in the minutes exactly what happened with regard to Jeff Sutton being given guns for compensation and the sale of a computer to Jeff for a extremely low price. Fred Howard responded that he didn’t know exactly what happened. I asked if he knew generally what happened. He responded that the matter is not closed yet. I asked what piece of information he was waiting for and he repeated that is was not closed. He then asked me who I had spoken with about the situation and I replied that I had spoken with Craig Spomer and Alan Winkler. He said that Alan told him I had said some unkind things about him and he didn’t appreciate that. So I asked if he meant when I expressed my opinion that he is not honest. He asked me what I knew about honesty and I replied, “I know you’re not honest and that’s my opinion.” Fred replied, “That’s slander and I’ll get you for that.” He then asked [the county clerk] to write that down. So I responded, “Guns for compensation and computers sold with no money being exchanged doesn’t get in the minutes, but if I say you’re not honest in my opinion, that gets put in the minutes. How does that work, Fred?” At this time Fred stood up and approached me. I then stood up to face him and said, “You guys sanitize the minutes. You don’t tell the people what is going on at these meetings.” Fred just turned and left the room.

    I then addressed Alan Winkler. I told him that he was the most honest and upright commissioner to ever represent District 1. I then asked him if he would inform the taxpayers about what happened in this situation. He said he had to gather more information. I then asked him if he would report on his findings after he concluded his investigation and he replied, “I can’t say.” I responded, “It’s a matter of honesty, Alan. Thank you.”

    I then left the meeting.

    s/ Keen A. Umbehr

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