• Formal complaint filed against Jeffery A. Sutton by Office of Disciplinary Administrator


    October 30, 1997

    a) Count I – incident involving Judge Brewster.

    b) Count II – altercation at tavern in Noel, Missouri.

    c) Count III – altercation with road construction worker, July 30, 1992, and subsequent diversion agreement; No. 14 – Notice of Intent to Revoke Diversion Agreement; diversion extended for one year; No. 16 – Jessie Mahoney files tort action against Sutton, worker’s compensation files lien for $60,885.54 for benefits paid to Ms. Mahoney; No. 17 – Sutton files answer and four-count counter-claim against Mahoney, requesting damages in excess of $50,000; No. 18 – matter is settled between parties.

    d) Count IV – No. 19 – September 8, 1995, Sutton, serving as Wabaunsee County Attorney, submits voucher for advance payment of anticipated expenses for seminar in Kansas City, Missouri, receives check for $419.90 made payable to hotel; No. 21 – September 18, 1995, Sutton writes to Kansas County and District Attorneys Association requesting reimbursement for expenses incurred at same seminar. Check for $545.87 was received, endorsed and deposited by Sutton on or about November 29, 1995; No. 22 – Sutton did not reimburse Wabaunsee County for duplicative payments.

    e) Count V – When questioned about above transactions, Sutton provides Disciplinary Administrator’s Office with three different explanations.

    f) Count VI – Allegation that Sutton granted diversions without filing criminal cases.

Exhibit L1 Exhibit L1