• Lead detective Sgt. Richard Volle admits latent fingerprints collected from the scene were not compared to anyone other than Dana Chandler

    Q. Now, were there — there were a bunch of
    17 photographs found on the table in the upstairs
    18 area of the Harkness residence; was there not?
    19 A. Yes.
    20 Q. And as I recall, the report indicated that they
    21 appeared to have been handled or moved around; is
    22 that correct?
    23 A. Yes.
    24 Q. And did you take those photographs into custody,
    25 you or other officers for the purpose of having
    1 them analyzed?
    2 A. Yes.
    3 Q. What type of analysis did you have done on those
    4 photographs?
    5 A. They were checked for latent prints.
    6 Q. Were any of the defendant’s prints found on
    7 those?
    8 A. No, they were not.
    9 Q. Were there checks for DNA?
    10 A. I don’t believe they were checked for DNA, no.
    11 Q. I assume none of the defendant’s DNA was found on
    12 any of them?
    13 A. That’s correct.
    14 Q. Did you check the prints against anybody else (15) other than Dana Chandler?
    16 A. No, I don’t believe they were.
    17 Q. There was a checkbook located — I think you said
    18 there was a checkbook located of Michael Sisco’s
    19 in the Harkness residence, correct?
    20 A. That’s correct.
    21 Q. And it had checks in it, correct?
    22 A. Yes.
    23 Q. And it was processed; was it not?
    24 A. Yes.
    25 Q. What was it processed for?
    1 A. Latent prints.
    2 Q. Why were you having it processed for latent
    3 prints.
    4 A. To see who might have touched it.
    5 Q. You didn’t find Dana Chandler’s prints or DNA on
    6 that checkbook or the checks; did you?
    7 A. I don’t know that we did. I’m not sure there
    8 were any identifiable prints on that. I don’t
    9 know.
    10 Q. Well, my question is, you didn’t find Dana
    11 Chandler’s on there; did you?
    12 A. Not to my knowledge.
    13 Q. You would have seen a report if they said, hey —
    14 A. Yeah.
    15 Q. — her prints are here on this check; you would
    16 know that; wouldn’t you?
    17 A. I think I would.

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