• Jacqie Spradling questions lead detective Sgt. Rich Volle about motive of other potential suspects

    Q. Have all of the people that the defense lawyer
    24 mentioned to you, Terry Tignor, Walter Rogers,
    25 DeWitt Harkness, all of those folks, anybody have
    1 a motive to kill Mike?
    2 A. No.
    3 Q. Any of those folks, anybody have a motive to kill
    4 Karen?
    5 A. No.
    6 Q. I want to ask you a little bit about Jean Basgall
    7 and her husband Jim Basgall. Where does Jim
    8 Basgall live?
    9 A. I don’t know.
    10 Q. Where does Jean Basgall live?
    11 A. I don’t know.
    12 Q. Part of the reason you don’t know is you’ve never
    13 heard of the Basgalls; is that fair?
    14 A. That’s correct.
    (Note: Ms. Spradling did not mention Jeff Sutton or his financial motive)

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